Keynote Speaker: Cristian Ploscaru

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Constitutional history, a methodological reference required for a better understanding of the historical features and political-legal character of modern constitutions, has given rise to interesting debates in recent decades. They have aligned mainly with the tendency to question the formalism of classical approaches, focused on the study of the universal political-legal principles and values that would have generated the constitutional texts, or on their content analysis, as normative expressions of the “rule of law”. The focus of the research shifted from the study of the text itself to a broader political, social and cultural context, along with the investigation of constitutional practices, following their development, application and public perception. The historical research of constitutional acts, which we will focus on in our presentation, starting from the origins of the modern Romanian constitutional idea in the first half of the 19th century, follows the constitutional configuration of some fundamental values and principles, from a comparative perspective at the European level, but also the historical motivations for adjusting and adapting these values and principles to the normative rigors of the legal order to be established by the constitution.

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