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The conference takes place in the ‘Cupolă’ and Multimedia rooms (4th floor) of the Braunstein Palace. Access is through the entrance from Ștefan cel Mare și Sfânt Boulevard. Adress: “Cuza Vodă” street, no. 2, Iasi, Postal Code 700259

Keynote Speaker: Răzvan Andrei Ionescu

The recent development of NBIC (Nanotechnology, Biotechnology, Information Technology, and Cognitive Sciences) is giving rise to new expectations regarding…

Keynote Speaker: Cristian Ploscaru

Constitutional history, a methodological reference required for a better understanding of the historical features and political-legal character of modern constitutions, has given rise to interesting debates in recent decades…

Keynote Speaker: Alexandru Laurențiu Cohal

Self-perception and hetero-perception among Romanians from distinct geographical areas of Romania have not been an object of study…

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